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"Seek and Find" Paintings by Jack Dawson

We have a large selection of Jack Dawson's artwork in several different formats. Anything from large framed or unframed prints, to calendars, post cards and puzzles. Here we are showing only 3 of the over 50 images that are available. If you would like more information about the messages of the art, you can click on any of the pictures below and go directly to Jack's website, Bittersweet Gallery.
There are 3 ways to purchase the art
1. Come to Bratcher Cooperage: 109 South Water, Liberty, MO 64068
2. Call Bratcher Cooperage: (816) 781-3988
3. Call Bittersweet Gallery: (417) 672-4871
Mention you saw this on the Bratcher Cooperage website and receive a 10% discount.



The hands of a master craftsman are patient and deliberate, as well as strong and skilled. But look carefully at these hands , they're the hands of The Master, skillfully crafting His destiny. Every move has meaning. Even the shaving coming from His drawknife forms the shape of an icthus, the fish symbol His followers will eventually use. Against the dark shadow of his coming ..... click here to visit Bittersweet Gallery



Can you find the hidden images in this painting?

Look for the neglect, warfare, sacrifice tragedy and the evil...
then look for the hope, healing, life and prayer. Who is mending the flag?

Click here to visit Jack Dawson's Bittersweet Gallery for some help...



Three pictures of marriage are depicted in this painting. The two paths that led this couple together are coming from different directions, different backgrounds and different families. The two rivers are seen merging into one as it flows under the bridge. In marriage, there will be times of turbulence and times of tranquility, just as a river experiences times of rapids and times of gentle flowing. The two trees above the young couple represent that .... Visit Bittersweet Gallery to read more...



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